Viking -Viking Series – Regal P+

Design your own personalized relaxation experience with Viking Spas.

From plug-and-play (convertible 110v/240v) to a fully equipped 2-pump, LED-lit, stainless steel jetted spa, Viking offers a choice of solutions to meet your expectations.

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Quality Design – Viking Regal P+ Spa – A Versatile 7 Person Hot Tub

With the Regal Series, you’ll get the most for your money in a hot tub. Find your answer here. The innovative seating of the Viking Spas Regal enables you to massage different sections of your body while sitting pleasantly. From a simple plug-and-play unit to a two-pump, LED-lit, stainless steel jetted spa, Viking has decent, better, and greatest choices for you to choose from.

Dimensions: 78 inches square | 198 cm square
Depth: 34 inches | 86 cm
Capacity: 290 gallons | 1100 liters
Weight: 495 lbs | 225 kg

The Viking Spa Difference:

This family-owned business has produced safe, high-quality, and reasonably priced products in the United States for over 25 years. With this combination, Viking Spas has climbed to the top of the spa industry and satisfied a vast number of customers worldwide. All of them have stainless steel jetted water, digital entertainment systems, LED lighting, precise controls, and cup holders. These spas employ a tried-and-true layout and materials acquired locally. They stand behind the quality of their products with an industry-leading warranty on components and labor and a lifetime warranty on the spa shell. They want to construct the most opulent Viking spas conceivable. If they want to be the best, they do not wish to be the biggest! Viking spas are known for their quality, affordability, and security. Each and every Viking spa is designed and produced to provide the best value.

Soft-Touch Safety:

Traditional spa surfaces are equivalent to the great majority of bathtubs and lack anti-slip protection. With its Soft-Touch Slip-Resistant surfaces, Viking spas give a unique solution. Their designers fashioned the whole spa floor to resemble a rubberized mat. While enjoying the advantages and joys of a Vikings spa, you want to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. The surface’s flexibility offers a degree of safety whether entering or exiting the spa or moving from seat to seat. Viking is recognized in the spa business for including the Soft-Touch Safety feature on every model. One cannot purchase a safer spa!

Viking Spa Quality:

Everyone acknowledges the craftsmanship’s superiority. Viking spas are proud of their worldwide reputation for offering premium products and services. Since 2006, they have earned industry and consumer recognition, including the Presidential E Award for exporting excellence, the Exporter of the Year Award, and the Consumers Digest Best Buy Award. While a growing number of competitors in the spa industry are turning to foreign suppliers, Viking Spas continue to source all of its critical components locally.

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