Fireplace Xtrordinair – ProBuilder 54 Linear Gas Fireplace

  • Viewing Area: Tempered Glass – 52-3/4” W x 13-3/4” T
  • Heating Capacity*: Up to 1,650 Sq. Ft.
  • BTU/Hr Input (NG/LP): 17,000 to 33,000

The ProBuilder 54 Linear gas fireplace is the second of the ProBuilder series. The ProBuilder 54 Linear gas fireplace is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a beautiful, reliable, and economical way to heat their home. With 33,000 BTUs, the ProBuilder 54 linear gas fireplace is designed to heat 1,650 square ft and is an excellent choice for larger bedrooms and living rooms. These gas fireplaces feature a sleek, understated trim rather than grills or facing and can be installed directly on the floor without the need to build a hearth. The ProBuilder 54 Linear gas fireplace comes in three different models, and all ProBuilder 54 linear gas fireplaces are identical when it comes to size, construction, and heating capacity. The ProBuilder 54 Linear offers 52 3/4″ Wide x 13 3/4″ Tall tempered glass viewing area, platinum glass interior media, and sleek linear style and a beautiful flame presentation. These models also feature the same dedication to quality and craftsmanship that our other Fireplace Xtrordinair Premium fireplaces offer.  Each model, however, offers its unique features to accommodate your particular needs and requirements. One of the most significant benefits of this fireplace is its ability to operate even during a power outage.

The Fireplace Xtrordinair – ProBuilder 54 Linear gas fireplace is available in three models:

    1. Probuilder 54 Linear MV: The Radiant Millivolt model features a Continuous Pilot system that keeps the pilot on at all times. This model is an excellent choice for anyone who desires a simple heat source that does not require power for operation.
    2. ProBuilder 54 Linear GSB: The GreenSmart Basic model(GSB) is an excellent energy-efficient choice. It features the GreenSmart pilot system and a remote that turns the fireplace ON/OFF manually or thermostatically.  In thermostat mode, your fireplace will turn on and off as the area calls for heat. Optional underlit accent lights are available as an add-on.
    3. ProBuilder 54 Linear Deluxe: The Deluxe model comes with a variable speed fan and underlit accent lights that illuminate the glass media bed. Like the GSB basic model, it also has the GreenSmart pilot system and a remote that controls the flame height, fan speed, and accent lights. The “Deluxe” model also has the Comfort Control feature.  With the Comfort Control feature, your fireplace will automatically turn on when the area calls for heat; as it reaches the desired room temperature, it will automatically start modulating the flame and heat output down.  With the GreenSmart system with Comfort Control, you can enjoy your fireplace without having to continually turn it on and off, while still conserving fuel.

ProBuilder 54 Linear gas fireplace optional accessories:

Interior Media Options: Traditional log set, twigs and stones, and tumbled stones.

Power Exhaust Vent Kit: Allows you to install our gas fireplaces virtually anywhere in your home, by accommodating even the most challenging venting restrictions. This Power Exhaust Vent Kit provides vent runs up to 100 feet or up to 50 feet (either horizontal or vertical) with a maximum of 12 elbows! This option requires electricity to operate your fireplace.

CoolSmart TV Wall Kit: Allows you to install a television above your gas fireplace safely.

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