Fire Pit Art – Asia – 48″

  • 120,000 BTU’s
  • Natural Gas Or Liquid Propane
  • Weight 150.00LBS
  • Height 14.00
  • Width 48.00
  • Depth 48.00

The Fire Pit Art – Asia – 48″

Match Lit System: 

The Fire Pit Art – Asia – 48″  Comes with 120K BTU Crossfire Brass Burner, 60 lbs. of Lava Rock, Flex Line Kit 1/2″ diameter / 24″ long and Plate.

AWEIS System: 

Comes  with everything listed above plus  All Weather Electronic Ignition System with a 24 volt AC Transformer, Fire Module, Heat Shield and Install Instructions.


Fire Pit Art uses the very best technology and components for gas fuel conversions. The solid brass Match Lit burners that are not susceptible to corrosion work very well in all environments. These simple yet very sturdy burners easily match the longevity and maintenance free nature of our fire pits. This fire pit offers the most natural looking flame, high output for producing big flames and high efficiency. For the ease and sophistication available with electronic ignition we add state of the art AWEIS electronic ignition manufactured at Fire by Design. These All Weather Electronic Ignition Systems are by far the safest, most durable electronic ignition systems on the market with flame sensing technology and wind proof design.

The Fire Pit Art – Asia – 48″  is a high quality, hand cut and crafted for years of heavy use. This is one of the most unique fire pits on the market. Every Fire Pit is individually signed and numbered by it’s designer, Rick Wittrig. Each Fire Pit is made from one quarter inch (6.35 mm) thick carbon steel. This is by far the heaviest gauge metal used in any fire pit available today. The sturdy construction assures you of having this functional art for many years to come. This unit has an iron oxide finish/patina on the outside which will darken a little with time. The interior is coated with a high temperature resistant paint and has an 1-1/2″ rain drain in the bottom. This high quality fire pit requires little to no maintenance.  Each fire pit is hand made and measurements may vary.

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