Dimplex – Sierra Wall/Built-In Linear Electric Fireplace 60″

  • Various eye-catching color schemes are available, or you can create your own using the custom mode and then freeze on the color you like most.
  • To suit your mood or the place you’re in, you may adjust the flame’s speed with multi-fire technology.
  • A more diminutive stature does not imply a lowered level of attractiveness. Because of the mirror technology and the 14-inch viewing height, the viewer gets a much better sense of depth when looking at this intelligent design.

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They may be used in any room, and the Sierra linear fireplaces do just that. The Sierra may be built into your wall, hung on a wall, or mounted to a tabletop stand. Regardless of your preference, the Sierra has you covered. Modern crystals, old logs, or pebbles can all be used to achieve a classic or contemporary look. It is possible to color the ember bed, logs, and flames in order to match the rest of the room decor. By simply pressing a button, you may quickly create a friendly atmosphere.

Dimplex IgniteXL® Built in Linear Electric Fireplace remote 1Design Meets Performance
The fireplaces made by Dimplex are eye-catching in both residential and commercial settings. You’ll be concerned about conserving energy and minimizing your impact on the environment, but nothing beats taking a deep breath in front of a roaring fire.


  • Log, pebbles, and crystals are all included as interchangeable materials for the base.
  • Mix and match the colors of the flames with the ember bed.
  • Consistently pleasant temperatures can be maintained thanks to automatic temperature management.
  • Separate lighting for the flames and ember beds

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