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The mood in outdoor living spaces is being heated up by fire features. A burning, outdoor flame brings back amazing memories, from the familiar crackling of family campfires to the soothing glow of holiday luminaries lining a walkway. The urge to re-create these moods motivates us to include fire in our outdoor living areas, which has the added benefit of extending the number of days we may use them.



Memories Made

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Outdoor Fireplaces

A fireplace isn’t simply about keeping warm indoors. By providing warmth, an Outdoor Gas Fireplace will enhance your outdoor living space and extend the length of your season of enjoyment. Whether you prefer the traditional warmth of a log fire or the modern convenience of a gas fireplace, Outdoor Gas Fireplaces provide improved relaxation and comfort without the clutter or worry. For an immediate ambiance boost, just light with the touch of a button or the flip of a switch. These Outdoor Gas Fireplaces are made of the same sturdy stainless steel as our award-winning barbecues and are tough enough to endure whatever nature may throw at them while staying pristine.


Grilling your food not only enhances the flavor and improves the overall taste, but it is also a healthier alternative to frying. If you’re wanting to add some great grilled foods to your diet, our selections for the best grills on the market right now (together with our guide to pellet and gas grill types) can help you figure out which type is appropriate for you. From first-time purchasers to seasoned vets looking to improve, this is the place for you.

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Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Fireside takes your ideas and turns them into a resort-style backyard retreat that will far beyond your dreams. Our staff can turn your backyard, rooftop, or terrace into your own personal oasis, from a chef-grade outdoor kitchen with premium appliances to an in-ground pool with a grotto, waterfall, and rock flume water slide. Our network of highly qualified Fireside installers is now creating quality outdoor kitchens around Michigan.

Fire Tables and Fire Pits

There are certain moments in life that we constantly reflect on and remember, and many of them take place in front of a warm fire. The magnificent outdoors may be enjoyed all year round thanks to fire pits. After a long day, relax with a drink of wine, roast marshmallows with the kids, or simply zone out, fascinated by the dancing flames. A fire bowl, fire pit, or fire table can provide warmth, light, and luxury to any outdoor living space. These fire features are an easy and attractive way to beautify your patio or backyard, and they come in a variety of fuel types, including natural gas, propane, ethanol, and even wood-burning for the old-fashioned sorts.

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All Products include…

Entertain Outdoors

Hosting dinner parties and social events is another common application of an outdoor living area. Outdoor areas are ideal for gatherings.

Reduce levels of stress

Being in nature is one of the most effective methods to improve health and decrease stress, and an outdoor living area provides the ideal chance to spend more time outside.

Improve Your Health

Outdoor living places have a long history of being utilized to help heal.

Expands Living Area

Combining indoor and outdoor environments is enjoyable. You’ll spend more time outdoors with room for sitting, cooking, entertaining, and appreciating nature.

Add Value to Your Home

An outdoor living room may boost property value. Outdoor living areas might be attractive to purchasers.

Enjoy Your Life

We will discuss how to tailor an outdoor living area to your lifestyle preferences.

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