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Are you searching for an amazing massage, private retreat, family time or more meaningful conversation?

Look no further! Our goal at Fireside Hearth & Leisure is to find the perfect fit hot tub to make every day better! Our customer service professionals are always ready to assist you with any of your hot tub needs.  It’s time to experience the truly amazing health benefits and healing powers of using a hot tub. From the purchasing through the delivery process, we are here to help you make your outdoor dreams come true.


Experts agree that selecting the ideal hot tub is a very personal decision. With so many brands and types available, buying the hot tub of your dreams may be overwhelming. How can you be certain that a hot tub will deliver on all of its marketing promises? Exists such a thing as a perfect match for you?

Fireside believes that there is a hot tub for every individual. When you know what to look for, you can easily separate the excellent spas from the poor ones, despite the fact that some brands of hot tubs provide marketing hype that well surpasses the spa’s advantages. A spa of superior quality will contain elements that improve and enrich the spa owning experience.

Adjustable Jets

You will not get the desired spa feeling with stationary jets. Every time you enter a hot tub, you will be able to modify your spa experience thanks to jets that are adjustable. Rotating jets increase the value of your spa by delivering an incredible hydrotherapy massage.

Circuit Seating

As you travel from one seat to the next in a hydrotherapy circuit, distinct, specific regions of your body are targeted. Circuit treatment, a luxury element rarely present in less costly spas, is a whole-body experience.

High consumer rating and reviews

Spas of superior quality speak for themselves via positive customer evaluations and testimonials. Are customers satisfied with their spa over time? Are there additions or upgrades that spa owners have implemented and reviewed to make their spa ownership more exceptional? Be on the lookout for helpful suggestions and positive customer evaluations.

a trusted, long-standing brand name and warranty

Trusted brand names such as Bullfrog Spas endure the test of time, giving their consumers long-lasting quality and unparalleled ownership experiences. Focus on companies that give exceptional owner satisfaction and warranty guarantees when making an investment.

A secure cover and low heat cost

Quality spas will also feature safe, high-quality coverings. These safety coverings offer an airtight seal, therefore preventing heat loss and evaporation. A safety cover is a fantastic addition to your spa.

Maintenance options that fit your lifestyle

Ensure that the maintenance and upkeep of the spa are compatible with your lifestyle. Today’s water care and maintenance chemicals are extraordinarily simple, making hot tub ownership simpler than ever. Discuss the spa’s maintenance requirements and available solutions during your consultation or test soak.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is essential for the longevity of your spa. Look for models with superior insulation and efficiency ratings to optimize your spa’s operating cost savings.

We Have the Best Hot Tubs in Northern Michigan

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Search by your party size!

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2-3 Person

These tubs are ideal for smaller groups. These spas are the right size for a private hot tub session or for treating back pain and body pains.

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4-5 Person

This is the ideal size for a family to unwind and spend time together. These medium-sized hot tubs are great for entertaining.

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6+ Person

These enormous hot tubs, which are luxurious in size and design, are great for customers who like to relax with a number of other visitors. After a hard day at the office, hot tubs for 6 or more people are roomy and outfitted with several jets for pain treatment and relaxation.