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Combining captivating aesthetics with unmatched versatility and ease of use, A Series spas are the pathway to a calm body, peaceful mind, and peaceful home.

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A-Series Spa Models

A9L Select Top


DIMENSIONS: 109” (277cm) x 94 (239cm) x 38″ (97cm)

A8 Select Top


DIMENSIONS: 94” (239cm) x 94” (239m) x 38″ (97cm)

A8L Select Top


DIMENSIONS: 94″ (239cm) x 94″ (239cm) x 38″ (97cm)

A7 Select Top


DIMENSIONS: 88” (244cm) x 88″ (244cm) x 36″ (92cm)

A7L Select Top


DIMENSIONS: 88” (244cm) x 88” (224cm) x 36″ (92cm)

A7D Select Top


DIMENSIONS: 88″ (244cm) x 88″ (224m) x 36″ (92cm)

a6 select top 1.3


DIMENSIONS: 88” (224cm) x 80″ (203cm) x 34″ (86cm)

a6l select top 1


DIMENSIONS: 88” (224cm) x 88” (203cm) x 34″ (86cm)

A5L Select Top


DIMENSIONS: 68″ (172cm) x 84″ (213cm) x 32″ (81cm)

JetPak Therapy System™

The JetPak Therapy System for A Series from Bullfrog Spas includes 16 interchangeable JetPak® therapies, allowing you to customize your hot tub experience.
Choose your preferred massages, position them in your favored seats, move them from one seat to another whenever you like, and upgrade at any time with a new JetPak.


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A Series JetPak Options

Thoughtful Seating

All layouts, benches, and jet placements in A Series spas have been reevaluated to provide optimal therapy experiences for the widest range of persons and circumstances. This includes a thoughtful blend of seat depths in each model, improved seating ergonomics, improved jet alignment, an emphasis on safe entry/exit, and enhanced premium seating in close proximity to conveniences such as auxiliary controls and cup compartments.



a series seat depths

A-Series Color Options

A-Series Interior Shells Colors

almond platinum    Snow Mist

Cover Colors

  Dove cover swatch Dusk cover swatch


A-Series Exterior Colors

Timber Ebony Aspen Timber Lodge Ebony 2 Woodland BrownCoastal Grey

Trim Package Quick Comparison

A7D standard granite

A Series

  • Standard cabinetry
  • Standard jet bezels
  • Standard headrests
  • Standard water feature
  • Standard lighting
  • Standard JetPak count
  • 8-button standard control
A7D Plus Granite

A Series Plus

  • Standard cabinetry
  • Standard jet bezels
  • Premium headrests
  • Premium water feature
  • Premium lighting
  • Premium JetPak count 
  • Premium 3-button auxiliary controls
  • Premium touch-screen control
A7D Select Granite

A Series Select

  • Select 2-tone cabinetry
  • Select Tungsten metallic jet bezels
  • Select lighting under headrests
  • Premium headrests
  • Premium water feature
  • Premium lighting
  • Premium JetPak count 
  • Premium 3-button auxiliary controls
  • Premium touch-screen control

Optional Water Care Upgrades

eos o enhanced ozone system

EOS™ O3 Enhanced Ozone System

EOS O3 is a revolutionary automatic water purification system that uses the potent oxidizing properties of O3 gas to eradicate impurities. This innovative three-part system generates large quantities of O3 gas, combines it with spa water in a high-contact mixing chamber, and then filters out over 99% of the excess ozone to prevent off-gassing effects.

a series frog at east 960

FROG® @ease®

The FROG @ease water care system generates pure mineral water while the self-regulating SmartChlor® technology maintains minimal levels of chlorine. With FROG @ease installed in your spa, you’ll use up to 75% less chlorine, reducing the frequency of shock treatments to once per month while protecting swimwear and skin.

Only accessible in the United States. 

WellSpring ozone

WellSpring™ Ozone Purifier System

The WellSpringTM Ozone Purifier System utilizes corona discharge electrode technology to generate ozone, which increases the spa’s water’s oxidizing purifying potential. Maintain the cleanliness of your spa and substantially reduce the quantity of sanitizing chemicals required.

Underwater circ crop

Wellspring™ Dedicated Filtration Pump

The dedicated Wellspring filtration pump is a quiet, vibration-free, circulation pump that is more than eight times as effective as standard filtration pumps. Your spa will filter better while consuming up to 60% less operating energy, saving you money.

lighting edit 960



We’ve reimagined the A Series illumination to make operating your spa easier, safer, and more enjoyable. Enjoy illuminated cup holders, illuminated water features, and controls that are simpler to utilize at night than ever before. The exterior safety light is appealing and brilliant.
JetPaks now feature headrests with under-lighting to enhance your wellness experience. Our inductive lighting technology enables headrest under-lighting to operate without the use of wires or connectors. When the Jetpack is inserted, the LEDs turn on.



standard headrest 2
select headrest


The improved A Series headrests are better aligned to the neck and spine and offer an enhanced fit and appearance, merging seamlessly with the spa’s natural contours. Both the Standard and Select headrests feature a modern patterned surface for an updated appearance. ​



Water Features

The A Series premium waterfall is not splattery but rather seamless. A dedicated feature pump generates a consistent, subtle flow that fills an illuminated basin on top and overflows in a uniform ribbon on the surface. Both water and light cascade into the bathhouse, creating a calming atmosphere and more tranquil atmosphere. ​​



a series waterfall night 960x640 1
standard waterfall


The premium touchscreen control has been updated with more legible icons and notification text. The standard eight-button control has a redesigned overlay with updated colors and icons.​

 New 3-function auxiliary controls, available with A Series Plus and Select trim packages, now enable the spa user to effortlessly control jets, lights, and water features without departing their preferred position. In addition, these controls are illuminated for nighttime use.​

select controls
standard controls 2
Aux button

Premium Audio System

The optional high-quality audio system enhancement for the A Series spa features a reliable behind-the-shell speaker system, premium sound quality, and Bluetooth connectivity.


M Series audio
cloud control

CloudControl 2™

The optional high-quality audio system upgrade for the A Series spa includes a dependable speaker system concealed within the spa’s exterior, premium sound quality, and Bluetooth connectivity.Using the CloudControl 2TM Wifi Module and the user-friendly smartphone app, clients can monitor and control their retreat from anywhere with a WiFi or digital cellular signal. Change the parameters for the pump and filtration, activate the spa nozzles before use, and adjust the lighting and temperature from any location.

Accessibility & Safety Options

premier step 960

Premier Step™

The Premier Step is intended for high-end saunas such as the brand-new A Series. Premier Steps are available in colors to match cabinets or cabinet accents for all A Series cabinet options. These steps are of the highest quality, are aesthetically pleasing, are dependable, and are sturdy.

Select step 960x640 1

Select Step™

Our entry-level convenient DuraStep hot tub steps are color-matched to the spa cabinet and coordinated with the spa cover. These durable, long-lasting steps are easy to install and create safe and easy access to your Bullfrog spa with a non-slip surface and durable composite construction.

x series 2022 durastep 480x320 1


Our entry-level DuraStep hot tub steps are color-matched and coordinated with the spa cabinet and spa cover. These durable, long-lasting steps are simple to install and provide a non-slip surface and durable composite construction for safe and convenient access to your Bullfrog spa.

x series covermate 1 480x320 1

CoverMate I™

The CoverMate I TM can help all spa owners enhance their spa’s usability by providing an effortless mechanical cover elevation. This tried-and-true cover lift is not only aesthetically pleasing but also the most popular cover lift on the market today.

covermate iii x series 480x320 1

CoverMate III™

Loaded with state-of-the-art hydraulics, the CoverMate III™ offers beauty and superior functionality. Throw in the aluminum full-frame construction and beautiful mounting brackets, and you will have peace of mind to go with the ease of use. This is a perfect option with no heavy lifting.

Swimdek 480x320 1

SwimDek Non-Slip Aquatic Surface Package

Enhance the appearance, comfort, and safety of your A Series spa. Our SwimDekTM Surface Package defines premium comfort and support with inventive, low-profile cushioning attached to the interior shell of the spa. This is a dealer-installable option available for all A Series specification levels.

Bullfrog Spas Design Studio


Use Bullfrog Spas®’ Design Studio to select your spa, colors, features, and options. You’ll then receive an instant price quote.

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